Brand gets new website

As I mentioned last week, launching a new brand is like having a child.  If so, launching the website is like picking out a name for the child.  The website is often the identity and starting point for many brands these days.

Of course, for us, our brands mostly begin their lives on Amazon.  That is where they build their reputation, first get on their feet, and stumble for a while until they really start running.  We love Amazon for what it is, a platform for getting started quickly and easily.  But over time, once a brand gets more developed, we hope their name and website can stand on it’s own and not depend upon others.

Given this, we’ve launched our brand’s new website.  It’s a brand new brand website.  🙂  We’re going with (mostly because the dot com was taken).  We’re disappointed we could not get the dot com site, but hopefully someday we can work something out.  In the meantime, our new site is really mostly a place holder as it grows on Amazon.