RGI Founders Partner with Professional Chef

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The two founders of Rhino Goods Inc (Corey Creed and Ryan Courteau) are proud to have started another new business today named Collected Foods.  This new venture is especially exciting because they are able to partner with a well known professional chef named Chef Matt Zadorozny.  Although Chef Z is located in New York and a fourth business partner named George Kastroulis is located in Florida, the entire team of four have joined forces to create unique spice blends.

You can learn more and see their products on their Collected Foods website as well as their Collected Foods Recipes website, where they state:

“Collected Foods believes spices do more than just add flavor. When using the right collection of spices and spice blends, you don’t just bring flavors together, you bring people together. A meal done right collects friends and family in a way that nothing else does. Collected Foods LLC puts making that kind of meal quickly and easily in the palm of your hands.

Collected Foods spice blends are hand crafted in small batches and personally designed by Chef Matt Zadorozny. After traveling the world, Chef Z (that’s what we like to call him) now spends some of his time creating beautiful meals for a small handful of families in Nantucket, MA. He also does consulting work in kitchens from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley, NY. You will find that he has the unique ability to blend the amazing flavors from his global experiences to make them usable and appealing to your loved ones.

As a team, we already know that flavors can transform ordinary meals into extraordinary dinner conversations. Yet, unfortunately families and friends do not experience this as much as they used to.
It’s time to change that, one meal at a time, collectively.”

Rhino Goods is proud to be starting this new brand and company and we hope you’ll try their offerings soon!